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During the past years SerGIO has written and or produced for the "cream of the cream" in the international music scene, for such artists as :


Frank Ocean, Snoop Dogg & Coolio, Shaggy, Jermaine Jackson, DJ Quick, Michel’le, Dave Hollister & Darrin Henson,  Snow etc.


His productions include several number one and top ten hits in all styles of music from pop to hip hop, as well as many gold and platinum albums in Taiwan, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.


He has also written and produced hit singles for the television popstar, voice of & musicstar series (similar to American Idol), and film music for the museum of oscar prize-winner H.R. Giger (Alien, Species). He also had the honor to write & produce the Anthem for the worlds most successful Art On Ice Show. 2014 he won two Swiss Music Awards for best Hit National and best Album.


His credits include tracks for the German acts Brosis, Preluders and Patrick Nuo


Italian's Gianna Nannini


England’s Matt Goss (Bros)

Ashley Slater (Freak Power), Phixx

and the French diva Patricia Kaas.


In Switzerland SerGIO has worked with all of the biggest contemporary artists; Dieter Meier (Yello), Bligg, Nicole Bernegger, Tears, DJ Sir Colin, Takasa (Heilsarmee), Nubya, Natacha, Stephane Lambiel, Carmen Fenk and Baschi, to name a few.